VBA for Excel

Using excel you can create charts, reports, run calculations, … but what if all of this could be automated? VBA for Excel provides powerful tools for automating Excel workbooks.

Run Complex Calculations:

While the excel formulas are a great tool for running simple calculations, using VBA for Excel much more complex calculations can be implemented.

Some of the calculations that can be done using VBA for Excel are:

Text processing and manipulation: You may often end up with text values that are in the incorrect format or have values that you would like to extract from. Using vba for excel you can trim, concat, split, modify text string to turn them in the format you require

Complex array and matrix manipulations: Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, … of arrays and matrices are all possible using VBA for Excel.

Date and Time calculations: Look up a certain date from a large database of  values, filter dates, add a certain number of days to each date, …

Customized Userforms:

VBA for Excel provides the tools for creating customized userforms. By using these forms you can control the way users interact with the workbook.
Userforms have 2 advantages over manually inputting values in a workbook:

  1. It prevents the user from inputting incorrect values.
  2. It provides a more meaningful method for inputting data.

Geneart Charts:

When you need to generate reports with a large number of charts, VBA can save a lot of time and money:
Using VBA you can also format the different charts in the workbook. You can:

  • Change the chart’s source data
  • Change the chart’s type
  • Add new series to the chart
  • Change the chart’s title
  • Change the different series display color
  • Change the chart’s border color

Create Custom Invoices:

Using VBA you have the ability to create custom invoices. You can also add buttons to print or email the invoices to specified recipients:

Connect to Other Applications:

One of the great features of using the VBA language is being able to connect your application to other software. By using VBA you can:

  • Export your workbook to an Access database.
  • Generate reports in Word a document based on the values in the excel workbook.
  • Create PowerPoint presentations

And Much More …:

The possibilities are unlimited:

  • Format Cells
  • Delete, Modify, Insert worksheets into the workbook.
  • Open Multiple workbooks.
  • Read/Write data to text files.
  • Send emails.
  • Insert shapes.
  • Delete rows, columns
  • Search, Sort filter.

If you need assistance with your code, or you are looking for a VBA programmer to hire feel free to contact me. Also please visit my home page  www.software-solutions-online.com

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