Tekla Open API

The Tekla Open API provides powerful customization and automation tools for your Tekla Structures model. All user actions in Tekla can be automated using the Tekla Open API. Whether you want insert a part, rename an object, create a report, change an objects properties, delete objects of a certain class, … It can all be done using the Open API.

  • Insert/Modify/Delete parts, rebars, …
  • Create rebar bending schedules
  • Create custom apps to speed up detailing.
  • Automatically generate a model in Tekla based on models in other software (i.e CSI SAP2000/Etabs, …)
  • Assign user defined attributes to different objects
  • Generate customized reports in Excel/Access.
  • Automatically generate beam/column rebars.

Create Rebar Bending Schedules:

Rebar bending schedules are an essential part of every concrete detailing plan. While Tekla does offer some reporting tools for creating bending schedules, they are far from complete. Using the Tekla Open API you can loop through all the rebars in the model, number them, export the data and create a bending schedule in Excel or Autocad:


Create Custom Apps to Speed Up Detailing:

Using custom made apps your company will be able to save hours. Custom apps can be used to apply changes to multiple objects at once.

  • Trim a group of rebars
  • Number your objects
  • Get the length of all parts
  • Rotate an object
  • Copy a series of object
  • Modify the class of a set of parts
  • Change the size of all rebars
  • Apply a custom user defined attribute of selected objects
  • Splice rebars

it can all be done using the Open API:

Automatically Generate a Model in Tekla Based on Models in Other Software (i.e CSI SAP2000/Etabs, …):

Already finished your model in another application (i.e SAP2000/Etabs)?  Rather than starting your model in Tekla from scratch, using the Open API you can generate the exact same model in Tekla. Using the Tekla Open API you can read the exported data from these software and generate all the parts automatically.

Sap Model:
Tekla Generated Model:

Assign User Defined Attributes to Different Objects:

User Defined Attributes are a great way to keep track of certain elements in the structure. Some user defined attributes are:

  • Comment
  • User field 1, 2, 3 and 4
  • Rebar sequence number
  • Control number
  • Design status
  • Fabrication status

These attributes can easily be read and written using the Tekla Open API.

Automatically Generate Beam/Column Rebars:

Accomplishing certain things can be very tedious using the current tools provided by the application. This includes adding rebars to beams and columns. Using the Tekla Open API however you can create highly customized apps that will save the company hours of time required for detailing:


And More …

The possibilities are unlimited. Any action that can be manually implemented in Tekla, can be automated using the Open API, thus saving the company hours.

If you need assistance with your Tekla model, or you are looking for a Tekla Open API programmer to hire feel free to contact me. Also please visit my home page  www.software-solutions-online.com