4 thoughts on “Web”

  1. Wow , I have never come across such a training, explaining every statement. Hats off !

    I followed your tutorial and learnt a lot but just when i tried i end up with a practical issue.Would it be possible to search for a keyword in the webpage and if present return a cell value as yes/no.

    I have 300 cells to fill with yes/no depending on a keyword present in a webpage “worthy/unworthy” respectively. there are no duplicate or multiple keywords. Is this possible or is it that we can only import data that exists in the web ?

    • Hi there

      Yes it is possible. You will need to import the data and run some string processing on it.

      In order to be able to further assist you on this issue please send me a link of the website along with the workbook you are using so that I can have a look at it.

  2. Wow, thank you so much for taking your time PedrumJ !!!

    The links are intranet sites and so it doesn’t work in internet. ( the page has confidential data too).
    Is there anything else I can try ?

    To make it much easier, the page actually has only one word all the time either worthy/unworthy.

    “You will need to import the data and run some string processing on it.” – Here, once I import the data the sheet formatting is altered immediately since the import inserts a extra cell pushing the values down. So if i add a string to change later its of not much use since the an extra cell is already inserted which screws up the whole sheet formatting ( unmerging the below cells. ?)

    can this image be useful to you,

    Before importing data :

    After importing data :

    • Hello

      You are not supposed to import the data directly to the sheet you want to display the data. Import the data to an auxiliary sheet and hide it. Then use string processing to retrieve the data you need and print them in the main output sheet.

      Please let me know if you are still having trouble.

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