Tekla Open API, Resize Multiple Single Rebars

One of the difficult things to achieve in Tekla is to resize a large number of single rebars. This program was designed to achieve this for the specific case of creating columns splices at the foundation. The design firm created column rebars using another program which was written using the Tekla Open API. The program would use single rebars as the column rebars. The rebars would extend from the bottom of the column all the way up to next floor + its splice length:
In order to create the extending rebars into the foundation the user would have to:

  1. Manually copy the rebars into the foundation.
  2. Create end hooks for them.
  3. “Trim” their top end.

The first 2 steps are easy to accomplish using the built in function in Tekla. Its the 3rd step that can get very tedious. In order to manually accomplish the 3rd step you would need to:

  1. Select all the rebars.
  2. Manually select the top end of each of the rebars individually.
  3. Move the top end to the desired elevation.

Note: Another workaround would be not to use single rebars in the first place and to use group of rebars, but as mentioned above, the rebars are generated using another program and the design firm did not want to modify their software.

In order accomplish this “Trim” effect a program was written in VB.Net using the Tekla  Open Api. In the figure below you can see the main user interface:
Pages_Projects_Tekla_Open_API_Resize_Rebars_1The interface is quite simple. All you need to do is:

  1. Input the desired elevation.
  2. Press Run.
  3. Select the rebars to trim in the tekla model.

The program will move the top ends of all the selected rebars to the elevation specified.


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