Tekla Open API, Rebar Center Line Lengths

Knowing the center line length of rebars in the model has 2 important uses:.

  1. It can be used in reports.
  2. It is necessary for creating rebar bending schedules.

The length attributes in the template editor do not give the CLL (center line length) of rebars:
This program was developed using the Tekla Open API in VB.Net. It calculates the length of rebars in the model. It then sets the “User Field 2” parameter from the “User-defined attribute” of the rebar to the length of the rebar:

This attribute can later be used:

  • In drawing layouts (for the reinforcement marks)
  • As a field in reports.
  • In another program.
  • ….

The program has a very simple interface:
The user inputs a list of classes into the list box. The program then loops through all the rebars in the model. The length of the rebars whose class matches either one of the classes in the listbox will be calculated.

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