Tekla Open API: Generate Column Rebars

This program was implemented using the Tekla Open API in VB.Net. It generates rebars for concrete columns.  It takes as input the number of rebars in each direction, their diameter, the column dimensions, … and generates the rebars for the columns. It also takes into account the change in dimensions between the current column and the column on top, therefore the rebars are bent before entering the upper column:

In the figure below you can see the programs main interface:

The interface has several required parts. The other parts are optional. They are to assist the user in inputting values.

Rebar Properties:

In the section specified below the user inputs properties associated with the rebar:

Diameter: The diameter of the rebars in cm.
Radius: This is the bend radius for start and end hooks. This is automatically calculated based on the input diameter.
Start/End Hook Check Boxes: If the user selects these the bars will be drawn with a start/end hook.
Angle: Defines the angle of hooks. 90deg/180deg
Free: This is the free length required for hooks. The values is automatically calculated based on the input diameter and angle.


This section specifies which columns these rebars will be added to. The parts in the Tekla model are generated using the program Tekla and SAP2000 Open API: SAP2000 Concrete Model to Tekla. Therefore each part has a name which is the ID SAP2000 has assigned to the element:


In this section the user inputs the rebar placement:

Count X: The number of rebars in the X direction
Count Y: The number of rebars in the Y direction
From Top: The cover space in the Y direction:
From Sides: The cover space in the X direction
B: The width of the columns. Defined as the T3 length, based on the SAP2000 documentation.
H: The height of the columns. Defined as the T2  length, based on the SAP2000 documentation.
B’: The width of the upper column.
H’: The height of the upper column.
Height: The length of the column.
Splice: This is the splice length of the rebars. This is automatically calculated based on the rebar diameter.



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