Tekla Open API: Generate Beam Rebars

This program was written in VB.Net using the Tekla Open API. The program generates rebars for concrete beams. The user inputs information such as:

  • The number of rebars
  • Whether the rebars are to be placed at the top or bottom of the beam
  • The cover distance
  • The rebar diameters
  • The cutoff locations
  • Whether there are hooks and what type

Then the program equally distributes the selected amount of rebars on the beams indicated by the user:
In the figure below you can see the main interface for the program:
The interface has several important parts.


This section specifies which beams these rebars will be added to. The parts in the Tekla model are generated using the program Tekla and SAP2000 Open API: SAP2000 Concrete Model to Tekla. Therefore each part has a name which is the ID SAP2000 has assigned to the element.

Rebar Properties:

In this section the user inputs the rebar diameter, and whether the rebar has start and end hooks. The rest of the information is updated automatically:

Diameter: The diameter of the rebars in cm.
Radius: This is the bend radius for start and end hooks. This is automatically calculated based on the input diameter.
Start/End Hook Check Boxes: If the user selects these the bars will be drawn with a start/end hook.
Angle: Defines the angle of hooks. 90deg/180deg
Free: This is the free length required for hooks. The values is automatically calculated based on the input diameter and angle.

Rebar Positioning:

In this section the user inputs the number of rebars, their position (Top/Bottom) and their cover distance from the sides. The program will automatically distribute the rebars along the beam section:
Position: Determines whether the rebars are to be placed at the top or bottom of the beam.
Count: The number of rebars. The program will automatically distribute these rebars along the beam section.
Side: The rebar cover to the side of the beam.
Top/Bot: The rebar cover to the bottom or top of the beam (depends which option the user has chosen from the Position drop down list).

Front/Back End Column:

This section is used when there is a column at the start or end of the beam (non cantilever beams) and the rebars extend further into the column. By default the rebars will extend to the center line of the column. Using the options provided in this section you can tell the program to further extend the rebars into the column. As you can see in the figure below the rebars have extended all the way to the back end of the column:
The user needs to define the column length in the direction of the beam, and the distance the rebars must be from the back end of the column:

Cut Off Location:

When the rebars are starting in the middle of the beam, they will need to start minus the effective depth from the first location they are required. Also when they are to be cut off, they must extend at least an amount equal to the beams effective depth. This section provides options for calculating these values:


When the user presses the Add button, the rebars will be added to the model:

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