Tekla and SAP2000 Open API: SAP2000 Concrete Model to Tekla

SAP2000 is an analysis and design software. While it offers great tools for the general analysis and design of structures, it doesn’t offer any detailing tools. One of the first steps in creating a concrete model in Tekla is creating the concrete parts (Beams and Columns). While this process can be done manually, in this project (using the Sap and Tekla Open API) this process was automated.

A completed model in SAP2000:

Below you can see the main interface of the program. The program is actually a part of a much larger program, and only a small part of the program is being explained here:
The user basically selects the location of the SAP2000 file and presses run.

The program uses the SAP Open API to get the element data from the SAP2000 model:

  • Joint coordinates
  • Section dimensions
  • Sections associated with each element
  • Joint connectivity

Using the data and the Tekla Open API the model is generated in Tekla:


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