Access Database Project #2

The client had an access table with data. He required an Access userform that would provide different methods for modifying and inserting new data.

Adding New Records:

The userform provides the user with the ability to add new records to the database:
The following fields can only accept values from a list of predefined values:

  • Title
  • Loc Desc
  • Work State
  • Supv Name

Therefore drop down lists have been provided for the user to select values from. The values of the drop down lists are populated from separate access tables.

Modifying Existing Records:

The user can also modify existing records. in order to populate the userform the user must select a record. The user can select an existing record by either one of the methods below:

  • Selecting a CRIS number
  • Selecting a name

Once a value has been selected the user form will be populated with the data associated with that record:

Group Edit:

The client also wanted the ability to be able to modify certain fields in batches.

Example 1: Change the Loc Desc of all fields that have a their Loc Desc set to “BECKLEY, WV – 200 WOODLAWN AVE” to “DELAND, FL – 1398 S. WOODLAND BLVD”.

Example 2: Change the Supervisor of all fields that have a their Supervisor set to “HUDSON,ROBERT H” to “KORTZ,AMBER”.

This can be achieved through the group edit tab:

Upload Data in Batches:

The client also wanted the ability to upload data in batches from an excel workbook:
Again this is achievable through the “Group” tab. By pressing the “Path” button a select file dialog will open from which the user can locate the workbook with. Upon import the user can select a “Loc Desc” and “Supervisor” to apply to all the records:

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