Access Database Billing (Part 1)

This was the first part of billing project. The client has previously been using an old billing software that would no longer work on his new system. He wanted a program with the core functionality of the previous project written as an Access database.

The client was a private skating tutor. He had many different students and classes. The classes were held in different rinks. The client needed a program that would keep track of the students and bill them monthly.

Student information:

The program keeps track of the student information, such as Name, Last Name, Phone Number, Address, …
The user can start inputting a first and last name and the values in the main form will be filtered:
The user has the ability to add, remove and modify student information using the userform provided:

Assign Classes to Students:

On the classes tab the user can define different classes:
Each class has a name,  start date, end date, duration. Each class also has an Active and Inactive state. These classes are later assigned to students through the students userform:

Determine Active and Inactive Students:

The program has the ability to determine active and inactive students. Students who don’t have any active classes assigned to them will be considered inactive. Inactive students will Not be billed at the end of the month.

Parent Tab:

Some students must not be billed directly, but rather their parents must be billed. That is the purpose of the parents tab:

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